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Dungeoneers & Dragonslayers


We are a collective of Dungeons & Dragons role-playing gamers and miniature-skirmish players that is committed to provide a venue for organized game play.


We will have organized all local Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts into a cohesive and coordinated community.


Commitment - We will be responsible in the performance of our assigned tasks as we dedicate ourselves to the vision and mission of the community.

Consistency - We will maintain a unified drive towards maintenance of a singular interpretation and common implementation of game rules and systems.

Integrity - We are committed to uphold ourselves to the principles of honesty and transparency in all our actions.

Innovation - We will be focused to continuously develop and apply new systems and technologies that best serve the community's goal in order to meet the demands of the changing times.

Teamwork - We are committed to work as one body, to achieve our common goal in the spirit of camaraderie, cooperation, mutual respect and trust.


DCI, DDM Guild and RPGA Network



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